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The Bearded Shrimp

Arboreal Suction Dish For Geckos & Frogs

Arboreal Suction Dish For Geckos & Frogs

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Main Dish 55 X 40 X 16 mm

We have made a feeding dish/platform for a range of reptiles, amphibians and inverts. Please note, this dish is not escape-proof. Worms may be able to crawl out. The main purpose of this dish is for you to drop an insect in the dish so that your pet can quickly go after it. This way you don't have to hand or tong feed. Your pet may also use this bowl to lay their eggs - especially in the case of a mourning gecko or as a ledge to sit on! We've temporarily discontinued the magnetic version, however, the suction cups can hold up to 900g.

All 3D items are made from PLA or PLA+. PLA is plant-based and can be referred to as bioplastic. PLA is lightweight, durable and safe to use with animals and plants.

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