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The Bearded Shrimp

5X or 10X Mini Bowls For Insects & Arachnids

5X or 10X Mini Bowls For Insects & Arachnids

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20 X 20 X 6mm

These tiny bowls are ideal for tiny critters such as slings, small tarantula and spider species, ants, isopods and even very small praying mantis (L4 mantis in photo). Simply add food or a form of hydration to the bowl. These bowls are NOT escape proof - unless you're placing down a pupa, like in the video. They may hold a droplet or two of water but we cannot guarantee they are watertight.

All 3D items are made from PLA or PLA+. PLA is plant-based and can be referred to as bioplastic. PLA is lightweight, durable and safe to use with animals and plants.

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